Montgomery Dance Studios

Dance Studios in Montgomery

  • Alabama Dance Theatre
    Alabama Dance Theatre
    (33-4) -241-2590
    Armory Learning Arts Center, 1018 Madison Avenue
    Montgomery, AL

  • Montgomery Fred Astaire Dance Studio
    Montgomery Fred Astaire Dance Studio
    2711 Bell Rd. Montgomery, AL
    Montgomery, AL

    Montgomery, Alabama is the state's capital, and is probably most known for its association with the Civil Rights movement. It is the site where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and was the catalyst for the Montgomery Bus Boycott; it is also where Martin Luther King Jr. preached and where marchers from Selma came to demand a right to vote. There was even a movie made about these real life events called Selma. With its rich American history as a backdrop, Montgomery, Alabama has evolved into a thriving town to raise a family and experience a bit of America's past. As far as dance goes, there are several reputable dance studios and dance companies who put on special performances regularly, as well as offer pre-professional dance instruction. There are even quite a few dance fitness studios who offer classes for adults and busy moms who want a workout to feel, not like a workout.