The fairly new, Starz network limited series “Flesh and Bone,”  aired on November 8, 2015. I didn’t discover the series myself until several weeks after the fact, rifling through a brief Dance Magazine article which highlighted the series through the eyes of a cast member, and now American Ballet Theatre retiree, Sascha Radetsky. […]

‘Flesh and Bone’ – Not As Much About ‘Strippers’ As ...

Tolerant Brand Red Lentil Pasta
In the Paleo world, it is a subject of debate whether or not legumes are considered "ok" for consumption. If you already eat primal, it is your choice whether you will eat legumes occasionally or no. If you do not participate in the Paleo lifestyle, red lentil organic pasta is a much healthier and delicious alternative to traditional, gluten filled pasta that is generally considered a no-no for dancers.

Monday Night Meals – [Almost] Primal Pasta

Organic, chemical free mascara
    I already know what you are thinking. You are probably wondering why in the world am I doing a makeup product review on a dance industry website. Well, to answer your obvious skepticism, the answer is that dancers are major consumers in the beauty industry. Whether it be for […]

Endlessly Beautiful Mascara Product Review

dance featured blog image
Why Do You Dance? Why do you dance? Maybe you want to be a professional ballerina, or a backup dancer for your favorite artist. Or, you want to be on “So You Think You Can Dance,” or travel the Caribbean on a Disney Cruise Line as a live performer. Perhaps […]

Why Do you Dance?

Hello fellow dance lovers! Welcome to the new Dance Studio Connect! We have officially relaunched our website to provide better services to our network of dance studio owners, professional dancers, choreographers, instructors, dance companies and casting agencies. Dance Studio Connect is the premier dance industry network of the web. Hundreds […]

Welcome to the New Dance Studio Connect!