Nicoles School of Dance

Nicoles School of Dance






116 Meadow Hill Rd
Manchester, ME

Studio Offerings

  • Ballet Dance Classes
  • Hip Hop Dance Classes
  • Jazz Dance Classes
  • Tap Dance Classes
  • Zumba Dance Classes
  • Dance Studios
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Why choose Nicole's School of Dance? ~Affordable classes & costumes. ~Small classes for personalized attention. (12 max) ~ Every student dances in the front row at one point of the dance. ~Classes are once a week so kids have time for homework, other sports & family time. ~Discount for 3 or more siblings signed up. ~Options to do only 1 class for less serious dancers or up to 4-7 classes for more serious dancers for ages 6+. (5-7 classes is new so itís yet to be tested, ask for details) ~4 Optional dance workshops a year available for ages 9+. ~2 Optional parades to dance in for 6th grade & up. ~Only 1 dance recital, making it extra special & taking up less of your week-end. ~Iím very organized, energetic & have a family orientated studio!