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927 Mt. Hermon Rd
Salisbury, MD

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This is the opportunity for the everyday woman to bring out her "inner diva", get fit, have fun, and feel fabulous. Average, everyday women of all ages, professions, and fitness levels are trying this unique and fun workout and falling in love with its incredible mind and body benefits. With each spin, turn, climb, and pose, you will gain strength, flexibility, and confidence as you increase your body awareness and learn to love and accept the beautiful creature you are. Looking for a break from work, your kids, or even your spouse? Forget about your everyday concerns and join us for class! The Doctors, Ellen, the Today Show, the View, 20/20, 60 Minutes, A Current Affair, and many other news sources have featured pole dancing for fitness and fun. Oprah, Terri Hatcher, and even Barbara Walters have pole danced, just to name a few. We are proud members of the International Pole Sports Federation, Pole Fitness Association, Pole Fitness Alliance, and the Pole Dance Community. We have a mission to make pole an acceptable form of exercise and dance, and we are already well on the way!