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  • Priscilla and Danas School of Dance  Picture
    Priscilla and Danas School of Dance
    110 E. 9th Avenue
    Kansas City , MO

  • Heidi's Dance Center  Picture
    Heidi's Dance Center
    3000 NW 50th St
    Riverside, MO

  • Academy of Dance Arts Picture
    Academy of Dance Arts
    2136 William St # 115
    Cape Girardeau, MO

  • Studio B Dance Center Picture
    Studio B Dance Center
    2909 Falling Leaf Lane
    Columbia, MO

  • Springfield Ballet School Picture
    Springfield Ballet School
    411 N Sherman Pkwy
    Springfield, MO

    We know you have a busy lifestyle. Between juggling kids, school, work, spouses, the house, and everything in between, you don't have time to go researching a new dance studio, or the best place to try a new dance fitness workout you may have heard about; after all, it seems much more interesting than simply hitting the gym, and your kids are probably begging you to take them to a new dance class. But before you invest your time and money into a studio that might just be really close by and convenient, why not make sure you are completely satisfied that the studio you chose is the right one for you and your family. There are numerous dance studios in MO, each one with its own teaching staff, studio philosophies, policies, and class styles offered, and every studio may participate in different events such as dance recitals, holiday shows, competitions, master classes and workshops, and even fund raising events and privileges of belonging to a studio company or dance team; every one of these scenarios involving more time, money, and commitment on your part as a parent or even as a dancer him or herself. It requires thoughtful consideration before you make any decisions, as many studios may require that you sign contracts and pay certain fees, and run the risk on losing out your financial investments if you back out too soon. For these reasons, it is always best to research your new studio as much as possible. You can use our directory of dance studios and dance fitness studios in MO to find all the information you need about each one without having to Google or Bing each one indivudally.