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  • Kings Park Dance Center Picture
    Kings Park Dance Center
    85 Main St
    Kings Park, NY

  • Neglia Conservatory of Ballet Picture
    Neglia Conservatory of Ballet
    1685 Elmwood Ave # 3
    Buffalo, NY

  • School of Staten Island Ballet Picture
    School of Staten Island Ballet
    460 Brielle Ave
    Staten Island, NY

  • Syracuse School of Dance Picture
    Syracuse School of Dance
    920 Euclid Ave
    Syracuse, NY

  • Peridance Capezio Center Picture
    Peridance Capezio Center
    126 East 13th Street
    New York, NY

    New York is undoubtedly the dance capital of the U.S., if not the world. New York City specifically is a hub for the arts: from theater, dancing, singing, and acting, it is almost any dancer's dream of one day ending up in NY to dance. If you are one of the very lucky ones who happen to live in New York, you are at an even better advantage because you have a chance to dance year-round with some of the top and most revered dance companies in the world. However, the competition is incredibly fierce, so if your goal is to become a professional dancer you have to train hard, have some serious grit, and believe in yourself if you want to be able to truly make it. If your goal is not to be a professional dancer but rather just to dance because you love it and want to improve to the best of your ability, you are still privileged at having the opportunity to seek the best dance training you can afford and desire. From upstate NY to the Big Apple, there is a plethora of studios in NY to choose from offering quality dance training and even trendy dance fitness classes that are seeming to pop up everywhere. NY is home to some of the hottest new crazes in dance, such as the high-heeled dance workshops famously taught in the heart of the city at some of the most popular studios. If you are a college aged student or an older adult, NYC is one of the best places you can be for dance because the city is famous for having classes for any age and level that you can just drop in and take a class whenever you want. Such renowned studios like Steps, Broadway Dance Center, and Peridance Capezio Center are some that offer these kinds of adult drop-in classes. Regardless of your age or experience level or intent, there are certainly many dance classes or dance fitness classes in NY for you, it's just a matter of finding it!