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Deciding where to take a dance class doesn't seem like a very big decision, but it can be, and should be, something you consider very carefully before you choose where to take a class. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a dance studio. For instance, location, tuition and pricing, studio policies, schedules, and class styles are all matters that need to be taken into account before you go ahead and sign up for a class. When researching any studio, consider first your goals, or your child's goals, and ask yourself how a particular studio can help you acheive those goals. It's always a good idea to speak to the studio owner and the dance teachers to get a sense of what the studio is about, and many studios even offer a free trial class for prospective students. Whether you are interested in competing, getting pre-professional training, or simply desire an appreciation for the arts or a fun way to workout, be as informed as you possible can. You can even find studios offering dance fitness classes in OR that don't require formal dance training, and can be good as an adult workout instead of going to the gym. You can use this directory of studios in Oregon to browse local options and find one that will suit you and your family.