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Acrobatic Dance

AcrobaticsAcrobatics is a pre-cursor class to Acrobatics Gymnastics, which is a combination dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics works that is choreographed and then judged at competitions; these events are held as either partners or groups, and are subdivided into men's and women's divisions.

Acrobatics is a class that you can take either by itself or in conjunction with the Acrobatic Gymnastics. Acrobatics alone focuses on tumbling, balancing, hand balancing, developing flexibility and strength training, all of which are absolutely essential to beginning work with a partner and ultimately competing. You cannot work efficiently with partners if you cannot hold your own, and this is especially true when it comes to acrobatics.

Acrobatics in general commands a ton of poise, strength, flexibility, as well as a very focused mindset.  Acrobatics involves lots of aerial tricks and poses, lifts, and tumbling that is extremely difficult to execute without the correct training and hours upon hours of precision practice. However, if one has the dedication to develop the qualities needed for Acrobatics or Acrobatics Gymnastics, it can be a thrilling and rewarding experience.