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BalletBallet is the foundation of all dance forms. Ballet originated in Italy before the sixteen hundreds, but was perfected by the French in the seventeenth century. When Ballet first surfaced, there were no female dancers. Rather, males performed all roles on wore wigs to play the female parts. It was not until 1681 that women first began performing in ballets.

During this time, ballets were performed with their dancers in heels or flat shoes, and the costumes were quite lavish and often times the dancers wore masks as well. It wasnt until the middle of the eighteen hundreds that dancers started dancing sur le pointe, or on their tippy toes, and such cumbersome costumes were revised and the masks shed altogether. It was also during this time that the male's role served to function as a support to his female partner, the main focus being on the ballerina.

All the modern day techinques and styles of Ballet have evolved over the centuries, perfected by Ballet masters and performers who have bred the dance to be one of the most revered performing art forms. There are many different schools of Ballet training; the Russian Method, the British schools, Italian schools, French schools, and American schools, though all of them still operate on the same basic foundations of ballet, such as the turned-out leg, each school has a different emphasis and manner of various techniques.

While each school is different, any classical ballet school will place strong emphasis on proper technique and development of strength, flexibility, and stamina, as well as push the dancer beyond his or hers own capabilities as a dancer, performer, and artist. Through all this, the ballet dancer cultivates poise, self-confidence, and discipline that molds one's personal character.

Although the classical ballets that have been performed throughout the centuries, (Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, La Bayadere, Giselle, Copellia, Don Quixote, and the Nutcracker to name a few,) and still are today, Ballet has become increasingly more receptive to modern techniques, music, and choreography. Ballets have been set to rock music, musical theater, and danced in many films.

Whether one aspires to a professional Prima Ballerina, or a member of the corps de ballet, or simply a student in the classroom, Ballet helps mold the dancer and the human being, and will only better assist your mind and body on life's journey.