Belly Dancing

Belly Dance Classes

Belly DancingLearn How To Belldance Quickly and Easily From Home! />Belly dancing is innately a very sensual, erotic dance form that is derived from the Middle Eastern culture. It is a common misconception that belly dancing's only purpose was to entertain men, but in reality this was not the case.

Throughout history, belly dancing was often performed in front of only other women during fertility rites or engagement ceremonies, although it is also known to serve seductive purposes as well. The essence of Belly dance is that it celebrates the feminine form, the beauty of her fertility, and her connection to the Earth.

Belly dancing first came to America in the late 1800's at the Chicago World Fair, and the western world was mesmerized by its allure. There are many variations of belly dance with its own interpretations from various cultures, with Oriental, Moroccan, Egyptian, Turkish, German, and Muslim influences. Turkish belly dancing in particular is known to be the more risque of dances, with much baring of cleavage and legs.

Belly dancers usually dance barefoot, with the emphasis of the dance being on the torso, hips, arms, and hands. The dancing is characterized by swaying hips and undulating abdominals, isolating various parts of the body in a rhythmic and sensual manner, with flowing arms and hands like serpants that are often emphasized with veils or finger cymbals.

Belly dance costumes are very colorful and elaborate, often decorated with beads or golden coins. The costume typically consists of a bra and a long, flowing skirt that is often worn under a hip-belt, (which can be further embellished with the gold coins and beads.)

Today in America, belly dancing has gained much popularity, and it is not uncommon to find belly dance performance groups, belly dancing studios, workshops, and seminars throughout the U.S., although each individual instructor may focus on belly dance originating from a specific country.

Whether you have never tried belly dance before, or are a belly dance enthusiast, learning the art releases your inner femininity and sensuality, and can be incredibly playful and fun!