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Bollywood Dance Style

Bollywood DanceBollywood dancing is a dance form that originated in Mumbai, formally known as Bombay. The name Bollywood is a mixture of the words Hollywood, and Bombay, to form 'Bollywood,' referencing the mixture of the Hindi and Western culture.

Bollywood dance is a mixture of elements of classical Indian dance, Indian folk dance, some Salsa, Flamenco, Jazz dance, and pop.

It is a fusion of the Indian culture and some Western influences, and this dance form is the center of the Hindi film industry. Hindi films are almost entirely musicals; very rarely do you find an Indian film without music or dancing.

The specific style of Bollywood dance involves elaborate and colorful costumes, scenes, and large dance numbers to illustrate the film's plot. You do not have to be of Indian heritage to learn or enjoy Bollywood dancing.

Bollywood dancing as gained increasing popularity in the Western world with dance studios teaching Bollywood style dance across the U.S., as well as in the UK and Australia. Bollywood dance classes are a great way to learn about the Indian culture, but are also a fabulous way to slim hips, arms, torso, and legs while being in a fun, creative, and fulfilling environment.