Break Dance Classes

BreakdancingBreak dancing originated in the 1970's in the Bronx, New York, as an extension of the hip-hop dance movement. Breakdancers are often referred to a 'B-Boys,' or 'B-Girls." Break dance is characterized by complex and funky dance moves that involve serious balance and control of the body, pushing the dancer to extreme limits.

In order for breakdancing to be successful, the dancer must not only possess the physical qualities necessary to execute the moves, but must also have their own personality and flare in their dancing that brings their performance to another level.

Although there is a wide variety of break dance moves, (and different moves are created all the time,) most of the moves revolve around the 4 or 6-step, and the toprock. These moves are generally a foundation for other moves, which then build into power moves, and subsequently end in 'freezes,' where the breakdancer stops all dance motion and freezes his or herself into a complex pose for a moment or two.

Many of these power moves and freezes are done on the floor, with head spins, shoulder spins, and crazy balancing positioning. Because of breakdancing's complex style, upper body strength is essential in order to pull these kinds of moves off. Additionally, the dancer must have a good sense of rhythm, composure, flexibility, unique personality, and strength.

Most of breakdancing is improvisational, and many moves are pulled from martial arts, gymnastics, and other break dancers' choreography. The world of breakdancing is very informal, so professional breakdancers often showcase their talents in 'battles,' or head-to-head competitions of freestyle dancing.

You can dance breakdance to a wide range of music as well, from hip-hop to rap, to jazz to funk, to soul to R&B and disco. Many dj's specifically compile music from various style samples in order to tailor the beats to breakdance style music.

It is important to have room for your body to move around in breakdancing, as well as a good grip, so baggy pants, low-weight sneakers, t-shirts, and bandannas are characteristic to breakdance fashion. Even though the nature of breakdancing is so informal, you can still find studios or breakdance groups that offer instruction to anyone who wants to learn.