Capoeira Dance Style


Capoeira DanceCapoeira dance is really a form of Brazilian martial-arts disguised as a dance. Capoeira was created over 500 years ago by African slaves who developed the martial-arts/dance as a method of tricking their captors into thinking they were performing a tribal dance ritual, when in reality they were forming fighting strategies to defend themselves.

Capoeira is an intense, cardiovascular workout that utilizes the power of your thighs, head, arms, and elbows to create battle-like movements that closely resemble tribal-dance routines. Capoeira is danced to rhythmic, percussion music, with a large emphasis on drumbeats.

Although physicality is a vital role in Capoiera, so too is the mind. Capoeira is structured like a game, with two opponent teams, and movements are in anticipation of the other opponents' moves.

The purpose of the gymnastic-like movements in combination with martial-arts kicks, swoops, and head butts are to deceive the other team and instigate play between the players.

Capoeira is as much of a game as it is a workout. Because of its African origins, Capoeira has many similarities to African dance and breakdancing, and Capoeira is often times fused with traditional Brazilian dance.

The traditional costume of Capoeira participants are long, flowing white pants and a white shirt. You can find Capoeira and Brazilian dance studios cropping up over certain cities in the United States.