Cheer Dancing

Cheer Dance Studios

Cheer DanceCheer dancing is a style of dance that is closely related to cheerleading, with its main emphasis on the performance of the group as a whole.

Cheer dancing combines jazz dance, hip-hop styling, and cheerleading jumps, tricks, and formations, to create a routine that is showcased competitively.

Cheer dancing requires precision and accuracy of the moves for both the individual and the group, especially because the nature of cheer dance is to compete in competitions on a local and national level.

Cheer dancing also has elements of gymnastics in it as well, so dancers are required to have a great deal of strength, flexibility, fluidity, and a good connection with the other team members in order to perform successfully. Dancers can begin learning cheer dance at a young age, and are able to compete as soon as the instructor feels she is ready to progress to that level of dancing.

Cheer dancers who have reached a professional level can even go on to becoming cheerleaders on professional sports teams like the NBA Basketball or NFL Football teams.