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Creative Dance MovementCreative Movement is a class generally geared for the youngest dancers, around 2 and 3 years old, before they formally begin dance training; although there are studios that offer Creative Movement for older dancers and adults, in which case those classes are focused on further developing movement skills.

Creative Movement encourages the learning process in little ones; it teaches them to learn how to listen to instruction, take turns, foster and acknowledge the dancer to dancer relationship, and develop an awareness of space and time, and how to  coordinate movement harmoniously in that space and time.

Creative movement is also meant to encourage creativity in your child's developing brain as well as teach them the transference of that creative energy through body movements and positions.

Creative movement is not required for all children in order to begin dance training, but it is a good experience for all children whose parents would like to see them continue with dance training, because it helps set the foundation of learning in a dance classroom.

Think of it as a Pre-K for Kindergarten, except with dance!