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Foxtrot DanceFoxtrot dancing originates back to the Vaudeville days in New York, when a famous performer named Henry Fox was seen dancing with his wife and fellow performer in between shows, their steps quickly trotting along the stage.

When the American Society of the Professors of Dancing determined to standardize the Foxtrot, they used the conventions of the Waltz to smooth out the original, bumpy feel of the steps because they felt the movements were to jerky and unladylike for the female dancer.

As a result, the Foxtrots' movements became a smoother rise and fall motion, with a rhythm of slow-slow, quick-quick that moves in a square pattern but travels counter-clockwise in a circle around the floor.

There is more variety in the Foxtrot dance than in any other ballroom dance, and many feel that it is the hardest to learn.