House Dancing

House Dance Style

House DanceHouse dancing is a club-style dance that is fast paced and involves intricate, fancy footwork, and is improvisational in nature.

House was first seen in the 1980's in the club scene in Chicago, Detroit, New York City, LA, and Miami, particularly in the Black and Latin dance communities.

House dancing is greatly influenced by disco and funk dancing, and is usually danced to electronic, techno, or pop music.

It wasn't until the 1990's that House became more mainstream, and many hip-hop dancers have crossed over into the House genre, bringing many of their moves into the dance style and vice versa. House dancing is typically seen in clubs, but many professional House dancers participate in competitions, often times for cash, to showcase their talents and battle it out with other dancers on the dance floor.

House style dancing is high energy, rather hard to learn, but tons of fun to say the least.