Jazzercise Dance

Jazzercise Studios

JazzerciseJazzercise is a trademarked, fat and calorie burning workout that sculpts, tones, and strengthens your body in a 60 minute class choreographed to today's hottest music. In just one hour, you can burn up to 600 hundred calories!

Jazzercise is a fun dance workout that combines techniques from Jazz dance, Hip-Hop, Yoga and Pilates, Kickboxing, and resistance training, to give you a complete, total body workout. Get the body you have always wanted, and deserve, with Jazzercise!

Jazzercise workouts also have some variations in class styles as well, from Jazzercise Lite, to Jazzercise Express, and Body Sculpting. Jazzercise Lite is a modified version of the original Jazzercise program, geared towards those who still want an invigorating and refreshing workout in a more toned down style.

This class is perfect for newcomers, pregnant women, seniors, and those who prefer lower-impact exercise. Jazzercise Express is a class for those who are on the go, and still want to get their exercise in in a more timely, convenient manner.

This class is only 30 minutes, but still targets your muscles at a larger intensity in a cardio and strengthening workout. Jazzercise Body Sculpting is an intense, 45 minute workout that stretches and targets all the special areas everyone wants to tone; your core, glutes, and legs. Jazzercise also offers classes for younger kids as well.

Jazzercise is a workout designed to be perfect for all ages and levels, so there is no excuse not to get up and dance! You can go to the official Jazzercise website to find classes in an area near you, or if you don't have time to make it to a class you can order Jazzercise DVDs to workout from home!