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Dance Studio Connect is the premier dance industry network of the web. Hundreds of dancers search our site daily for various kinds of danceand fitness classes throughout the United States, including: summer intensives, dance camps, workshops and master classes. Professional dancers can also utilize our unique site features to find information about dance industry jobs and teaching opportunities. When dancers create a profile, they can utilize our site to find:

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  • Dance Jobs for guest choreographers,
  • New dance teacher jobs,
  • Available studio rental space.
  • Costumes or dancewear for rent, sale, or trade

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Simply select the “dance studio listing” option and follow the instructions to create your own personalized listing after you complete your payment through PayPal. If your studio has more than one location, you can create multiple listings for each location by selecting the appropriate option in the PayPal drop-down menu to receive your extra listings at a discounted price!

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