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Modern DanceModern dance is a dance that does not embrace the rigid structure of ballet training. Although one must be technically advanced to dance this form, as it requires a great deal of strength, stamina, and flexibility as well as the power to convey emotions and stories, Modern dance really focuses on the inner expressions behind the dance itself.

Modern is traditionally danced barefoot, with free-flowing costumes that allow room for lots of movement. In addition, a lot of moves in modern are centered on the weight of the body, and using one's weight to create movement and form, whereas in Ballet the dancer is very poised and light on her feet.

Modern dance emerged in the early nineteen hundreds when many ballet dancers started growing tired of ballet and wished for a freer form of movement.

Dancers like Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan were pioneers of the modern dance movement, and their techniques are the main ones taught by teachers of modern dance. Many of modern's moves stem from contracting and releasing, with lots of leaps, leg tilts and hinges, turns and poses that are often sharply defined and 'out there,' creatively.

Quite a few professional modern dance companies have been established over the years as well, such as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Alvin Ailey 2, Merce Cunningham Dance, Paul Taylor Dance Co, and Trisha Brown Dance Company.