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Pilates Like Yoga, Pilates stretches, strengthens, and tones your muscles, and improves your mental well-being by establishing a crucial balance between the mind/body connection. Pilates was originally developed for rehabilitating wounded soldiers in the war many years ago, but it has since become a fitness program for many athletes and non athletes today.

The founder of the Pilates program, Joseph Pilates, suffered from childhood asthma and other conditions that required his extra attention. Through participation in various sports, he grew stronger and went into the army as a nurse to help rehabilitate the wounded soldiers, which became the birth of what would become Pilates fitness.

Pilates develops long, lean muscle, as opposed to bulk muscle. Pilates also stimulates blood flow in the body, improves posture, strengthens your abdominal muscles, and relieves negative energy and toxins from the body.

Pilates can be done with simple mat and floor work, or you can use special Pilates machines to strengthen and tone. Whether young or old, dancer or no, Pilates is a fitness regimen that brings healing to the mind and body.