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Pointe DanceBallet dancers stared dancing en Pointe in the mid eighteen hundreds. Dancing en Pointe is for the Ballet dancer who has reached a level of technique proficiency and strength that the teacher feels is suitable for pointework.

Pointe class is a supplemental class to ballet; it furthers one's dance training to another level entirely, enabling the dancer to really explore ballet and prepare for opportunities to perform.

Most classical ballets are done en pointe, and in order for a ballet dancer to land any role in a ballet she must be proficient en pointe.

Pointework requires a lot of strength and precise technique, as one is dancing on one's toes and it can be very difficult to do if one has not had the required proper training.

Pointe shoes are made of hard wooden blocks in the toe's box, and the rest of the shoe is more bendable, allowing the dancer to articulate her feet.