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Pole Dancing

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Pole DancePole dancing, or pole fitness, is the latest craze in the workout world. It is the number one way to getting sleek and sexy fast, and the best part about it is it's for women of all ages, sizes, and dance experiences. Pole fitness studios have popped up all over the United States, helping women not only lose weight but build muscle tone in the upper body and the powerhouse of your body, or your "core," all the while giving these women a boost in self-confidence and awareness of one's own prowess.

Pole dancing originated during the Vaudeville years, with traveling circuses that would feature tent shows where the girls would perform stripteases. Some of the girls started dancing around the vertical tent pole and used it as a prop, and they would also perform acrobatic tricks on the poles at circuses, where men would flock to these poles and throw money for encouragement.

Pole dancing also evolved partially out of exotic dancing in general, and was especially influenced by the burlesque shows. Pole dancing was not  formally documented until the 60's, and it has only become more acceptable to the general public in the last ten years.

Because of this, pole dancing studios are a new addition to the world of dance studios, and some areas may be more likely to have them than others. As for dancing, no need to stress if you have zero experience with a pole because pole dance studios will have specific programs for beginners, as well as those aerial spinners.

Some studios even offer other kinds of exotic dance lessons, such as Burlesque, Chair-dancing, or Belly dancing, as well as a variety of levels in fitness workouts.

Pole dancing is a workout that is a fun, sexy way to learn how to move sensuously and explore your flirtatious side while burning calories, building muscle, and feeling good about a woman. 


Pole Dancing