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Rumba DanceOne of the most popular Ballroom dances, Rumba, or Rhumba, is a Latin American dance that is sometimes referred to as the grandfather of the Latin dances.

The Rumba embodies the essence of the Latin dances with its passionate expressions. Originating in Cuba, and first debuted in the United States in the 1920's, this flirtatious dance operates on the "tease and run theme" in which the lady titillates her partner and then coyly rejects him.

The dance is danced in a slow, sensuous manner, but the sexual overtures can be aggressive in nature. The Rumba is a steamy and intense dance because of the combination of the Teaser element mixed with sultry Latin beats and rhythmic body and hip movements.

It is hard to find Rumba music from contemporary, mainstream artists, although there are a number of songs specifically for Rumba ballroom dance.

The following are just a few songs from popular artists from today. Also, there is a link to other Rumba songs you can listen to to get a feel for the rhythm and nature of the dance.

  • "I'm Not Giving You Up " - Gloria Estefan
  • "Traces (of Love) " - Gloria Estefan
  • "Falling Into You" - Celine Dion