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Salsa DanceSalsa is an extremely passionate, sexy, and energetic dance. It is a vibrant and an eclectic mix of dance styles that evolved mostly from Latin and Afro-Caribbean dance styles.

Salsa originated in Cuba, when the French brought the country-dance of the English and French, known as the Danzon, to Cuba, and it was mixed with the African rumbas and drumbeats of the Latin islands.

Salsa was born! The term 'Salsa' was not actually coined until the dance reached New York in the 30's, although the name did not really take off until about thirty years later, when one of the early Salsa albums featured its cover with a fork on a plate of red beans and chili alongside an open bottle of Tabasco sauce.

Regardless, it has taken many years of evolving for Salsa to become what it is today, and no one person or area can be attributed to the creation of Salsa dance.

Salsa dance was created from a variety of sounds, cultures, and meanings, and fluctuates in intensity and complexity, which keeps the music and dance style entertaining for both dancer and audience.

Salsa is indeed not for the timid or shy, but for those who want to add a little kick to their dance repetoire, Salsa is sure to spice things up!