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Stretch Classes

Stretch Classes

Stretch DanceStretch class is a very simple class with one purpose, to stretch! It is a nice class; it helps stretch your muscles and ligaments, and begin to warm up your muscles by stimulating blood flow.

Stretching eases tension and stress in the body, and you can almost gurantee that you will feel noticeably better after you stretch than before you had stretched your muscles.

Whether you're preparing for a class, a long night of dance, or just feel the need to release muscle tension, Stretch class is beneficial to all who pop in. Some classical ballet schools have special stretch classes for before class, which can range about forty-five minutes to an hour.

Other studios offer a more casual stretch class for general stretching purposes, which anyone can take for their personal reasons and benefits.

Regardless of your age, race, or dance capabilities, stretching is a good healing therapy to anyone who gives their body room to grow, and room to breathe, in the hectic day to day. 


Stretch Dance Classes