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Tango DanceTango dance is the most passionate, most sensual, and most aggressive Latin dance, or possibly any dance there is! Tango is also my personal favorite dance. It is a dance that requires intense emotion to look good and capture an audience's heart;  a tango dance without such emotion will not convey the true essence of the dance.

The Tango is a love/hate relationship. It is the push and pull factors of all that is love, the desires and the drama pulled into one beautiful dance that evokes the power of one's heartstrings.

Movements of the Tango involve extremely exaggerated steps, stomps, dips, and spins, with the lady being the follower of the male.

The lady almost does not move until the male's momentum forces her to do so, but her will and flirtatious sexuality pushes him away and teases him until they are magnetically pulled to each other again in the dancing game.

The steamy moves of the dance can be more erotic than an adult film because of the intense emotional and passionate connection between the dancers that is manifested through the art of dance.