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Tap DanceTap dancing is a unique dance form in that dancers essentially dance from the shoes, which are equipped with metal plates on the bottom of the shoes that make a variety of rhythms and sounds when clacked, scraped, or dragged along the floor in certain patterns and counts.

Tap dancing comes from a variety of backgrounds, although it has practically become America's beloved dance.

The Irish were known to be tapping long ago, along with certain Spanish flamenco dancers, and cloggers from the British Isles, and many African dances involve some form of stomping or percussion tapping.

However, when one readily considers tap dancing, images of Broadway show tunes and jazzy spirit hands and canes come to mind, because tap dancing is often a very flamboyant and showy dance with stylized and theatrical elements.

Tap dancing is easier to learn the younger you start, so anyone with dreams of being on Broadway or in The Rockettes should get an early start on this dance style!