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Yoga Dance Studios

Yoga Dance StudiosYoga is a very beneficial practice for all dancers, because yoga is the practice of breathing. Breathing properly is essential in dance; breathing steadies your heart, keeps the blood flowing to your muscles, and increases the vital flow of energy to our organs and muscles.

Deep breathing, like the kind practiced in Yoga, also has many other physical and mental benefits that transfer into our every day life.

The practice of deep breathing delivers oxygen to your brain cells, which has a positive effect on your nervous system, and deep breathing in practice with deep relaxation also has a calming and stabilizing effect on the mind, effectively helping you cope with difficult or off days and dissolve mental blocks.

Yoga is the practice of deep concentration on the body and the inner mind, because in order to truly relax, one must concentrate very hard on breathing and out bodies.

Yoga uses these practices to strengthen muscle tone, aid in physical ailments that are not altogether solved when treated with other traditional medicines, and stabilize the mind by fostering a mind/body connection.

Whether you are a dancer, or a non dancer, Yoga is a practice that can only serve to benefit the mind and body, young or old.