Yogalates Dance


YogalatesCan't decide between Yoga, or Pilates? Well now, there is no need to make that choice.

Yogalates is a new class that is a fusion of the two methods, Yoga and Pilates, rolled into one incredible workout that stretches and strengthens your muscles, and stabilizes your mind and soul.

Yogalates is a very integrated way of working out your body; it teaches you how to focus on your breathing, remaining focused and in tune with your body on a mental level, all the while stretching, toning, and strengthening your muscles.

Like in Yoga, Yogalates first focuses on the natural alignment of your body, honing in on the classic yoga positions in order to center your body and mind. As the class progresses, you will start to work more on intense strengthening of your core and back, which is closer to the Pilates format.

Yogalates is perfect for those who find Yoga or Pilates alone to be too intimidating; the blending of the two classes allows you to take the essential teachings of each class and combine them together into a more accessible workout, without going too deep into either practice.

Yogalates is a very recent fusion of the two methods, and this class is cropping up all over studios and health clubs across the United States.