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Like embarking on any new sport or extracurricular activity, taking dance lessons can be a major time commitment, whether you are a parent taking your child to the class, or the child taking the class, it requires a lot from all members of the family. Before choosing a studio, it is a good idea to meet together as a family and decide what would be a good fit for everyone. Ask yourselves what your goals and priorities are, and see how fitting another activity in another person's schedule will affect everyone else, and how everyone will be able to commit and make sacrifices together. Many dance studios have different policies requiring a certain amount of dance class hours, tuition schedules, studio rules, and commitments from both the dancers and the parents about where to be and what to participate in and how much to pay. It is a wise decision to analyze any studios you are interested in before deciding to take classes there, so that you know what is expected out of everyone. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to figure out whether you or your child wants to dance just for fun, or be a more serious student focusing on either competing or pre-professional training. Regardless of your decisions, you can be sure to find a studio that's right for you and your family by browsing our listings of dance studios in SD to find what you are looking for. We even showcase studios that offer dance based fitness classes that are geared towards adults with little to no dance experience, but want to have fun getting in shape without feeling like it's a workout.