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  •  The Dance Academy of Bartlett  Picture
    The Dance Academy of Bartlett
    6240 Stage Plaza East
    Bartlett , TN

  • East Tennessee Ballet Academy  Picture
    East Tennessee Ballet Academy
    527 East Elk Ave.
    Elizabethton , TN

  • Karen Horton School of Dance Picture
    Karen Horton School of Dance
    3517 Hixson Pike
    Chattanooga, TN

  • Nashville Ballet School Picture
    Nashville Ballet School
    3630 Redmon St
    Nashville, TN

    You may be surprised to learn that there are as many varieties of dance styles and studios as there are colors of the rainbow; actually, there's even more. Maybe you already knew that, but either way it is a good idea to know what kind of dance you are most interested in taking, and even more so, what you want to do with that training. If you want to dance just for fun, there's many studios out there who cater to just that: the love of dance and being the best you can be. There's also numerous studios that are more focused on turning out well-rounded, pre-professional dancers, and affording to them the most opportunities to broadening their skills and expanding on training. There's even studios who just want to compete and win trophys, and still others who are more into the latest dance fitness craze, offering a wide variety of workouts that feel like dancing but require no professional training and certainly beat hitting the machines at the gym. Whatever your fancy, do your research first, and use our directory of TN studios to find one that offers the classes you want in a location convenient for you. Find out all this information and more, all in one website, Dance Studio Connect!