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Seriously, if you're a legit dancer, you go to a dance class on your birthday. And you love it, and it's the best. If you're a grown up, and it's your birthday, you probably still go to dance class, for your child. But still, you love it. #DanceMoms. What is a better way to celebrate life than dancing? If you don't already have a dance class to go to, you came to the right place.  Because we showcase a variety of dance studios offering a plethora of classes to suit whatever you desire. It doesn't matter if you've never danced before, or you are a hardcore dancer in training just trying to find a new way to improve by finding cross-training or a new studio, you can find just about any studio offering the classes you need. You can search by a region near you, class style, or just browse our list of studios in Washington if you're willing to travel for quality instruction.