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If you're a dancer living in the D.C./metro area, you are truly at an advantage because of all the amazing studios located around you. Many studios offer a wide range of dance classes or dance fitness classes in DC for all skill levels, especially drop-in classes for college student and adults. Finding the type of class you want to take won't be hard if you know where to look and how to research a studio. It's a good idea to gather information about all the studios in your area offering the classes you want, so you can compare them and decide where would be the best fit. Some studios even offer a free trial class, or a discount on class package or cards if you're a new student, so if you do your homework you could take a few classes at little to no charge. After visiting several studios and testing different classes, you can decide where you feel most happy and which one will help you acheive your dance goals. Parents can do a similar thing if you are trying to find a studio for your child, or even for yourself. One of the best times to trial a new studio is to take a class during the summer, as it is generally a bit more relaxed and the studio owners may have more time to talk one on one with you and answer any questions you may have, and also give you that free trial class.